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Earlier I wrote about how to put flash content on Blogger blog. My suggestion about where you should host your swf file was on PhotoBucket and that worked just fine until now.

Reason is because PhotoBucket is not hosting swf files any more. To be honest, actually they do, but if you have PRO account. If you try to upload swf file you will get: "Upload Error - SWF file uploading is no longer available on free accounts. SWF files can be uploaded to PRO accounts only". WTF! $25/year or 3$/month. I wonder who is that clever guy out there who actually said: "Hey! Let's cut only swf files and make them pay for it!".

So, much better alternative is googlepages. Everyone who have google acount also is a proud owner of googlepages storage place of 100 Mb. Go to pages, login with your google acount user name and password. Site manager page appears and on right side you have "uploaded stuff" box where you can upload your swf. Right click on file and choose "copy link location" or similar.
Everything else about how to include that link on your Blogger blog I have posted here. Ask me for help if you need it. Enjoy.

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